Roe V Wade Overturned | A Time of Rejoicing

A week ago today, on June 24 th , the massive and historic victory in The Supreme Court was released officially overturning Roe V. Wade! This is the greatest victory of our generation for righteousness and justice over the unborn and for the conscience of a nation. For nearly 50 years this evil and unconstitutional decree has plagued America with a curse of the shedding of innocent blood. It is hard to fathom and get our minds around the magnitude of more the 63 million souls and destinies that were unjustly and barbarically stopped short.

Praise be to our God for His loving-kindness, patience, long suffering and MERCY! His immeasurable mercy has longed to avert judgment. We stand together amongst a multitude of faithful intercessors for decades (more than 49 years) who prayed, fasted, mourned and took righteous action in faith to see the curse removed from our beloved America—and in our lifetime THAT MIRACLE HAS COME! Glory to GOD!

This is a time of celebration! Heaven is celebrating! God has used His Ekklesia to release His will in the earth, and the plumb line of heaven has come to release righteousness and praise to America. Let me say again—this is a time of celebration, triumph and victory. Let no one shame you into silence. We are not those who are remaining silent that are grieving the Spirit of God. The unlimited demonic sacrifice of children has ended in America, so let your praise roll on and on to the Glory of God! HEAVEN IS REJOICING! Let the people of God shout unending praise for
His mercy!

We believe with all our hearts this MIRACLE MOMENT is the tipping point that will usher in the national awakening, unstoppable revival and the greatest harvest of souls leading to our King’s ultimate return! This Link below is the message that I released at VICTORY: A Church Of His Presence last weekend in honor of Roe v Wade being overturned. We felt it would be a great blessing to release this message for “The Torch podcast” this week. Please share this message with others to encourage and strengthened the Body of Christ in this hour. Hallelujah!

America Shall Be Saved!
Together Triumphant,
Brian & Bren Gibbs
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